vuela con parapente a motor en almeria

Fly with us

Fly with us

Fly in motorized paragliding
on the Almería Coast
and in the Granada Geopark

Fly in motorized paragliding
on the Almería Coast
and in the Granada Geopark

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Paramotor School

Paramotor School

Learn to Fly
on Paramotor & Paratrike

Learn to Fly
on Paramotor & Paratrike

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Images and Air Services

Images and Air Services

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Fly with us

Fly with us

Fly a motor paraglider
on the beaches of Almería

Fly a motor paraglider
on the beaches of Almería

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cesar maldonado volando en paramotor

Paramotor Scholl

Paramotor Scholl

Learn to Fly
on Paramotor & Paratrike

Learn to Fly
on Paramotor & Paratrike

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desierto del sahara desde el aire

Images and Air Services

Images and Air Services

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Welcome to

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Surf the Skies with us!! Take part in the fascinationg world of paramotor flight. As your pilot and guide, Cesar Maldonado brings over 30 years of experience in paramotor and paratrike flight to you.

You will fly with a Vice World Champion and Spanish Champion.

Considered to be one of the safest forms of aviation, paramotor flight opens up the skies to you like you’ve never seen before. Fly low and slow in the cool air as you enjoy the stunning coastline.

Your safety, comfort and smile is our number one concern, whether you’re taking to the skies in a tandem flight, paramotor solo course or for aerial imaging.

Air Services

Tandem Flights with Motor Paragliding - Paramotor - Paratrike

You will fly with César Maldonado, individual sub world champion, 3 times team world champion and Paramotor Spanish Champion.

Sports Technician by the Ministry of Education and Science, Instructor certified by the Royal Spanish Aeronautical Federation (RFAE) and Andalusia (FEADA) and instructor by the Royal Aeronautic Association of Thailand.

With 30 years of experience in paragliding and paramotoring, being for 15 consecutive years a member of the Spanish paramotor team with the status of elite athlete by the Higher Sports Council (CSD).

We apply all the experience acquired over the years to make your flight a unique, unforgettable and safe experience.

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Our plans for Tandem Flights with Motorized Paragliding - Paramotor - Paratrike.

1 - Basic Paramotor Flight

65 € x Flight

Time: 15 minutes

It is the basic baptism of flight the duration is 15 minutes.

The usual route is from our flight field in Palomares to the Port of Garrucha.

2 - Intermediate Flight + Photos + Video

80 € x Flight

Time: 20 minutes

MSame route as Basic, Palomares to the Port of Garrucha.

But during the flight we do photo and video reporting.

3 - Indalo Mojacar Flight

120 € x Flight

Time: 30 - 35 minutes

Includes Photographic Report. Deliver micro SD card.

From Palomares to Mojacar. Aerial views of: Vera, Garrucha, Villaricos.

4 - Flight in Granada Geopark

170 € x Flight

Time: 50 minutes

The duration of this flight will be 50 minutes and the price is 170 euros, it includes a video report and photos.

We will fly over the geopark in the north of the province of Granada, we will be able to enjoy landscapes created by river erosion for millions of years.

5 - Special Flights Groups or Client needs

€ x Consult

We make offers for groups of more than 10 people, we adapt to the needs of the client, being able to organize different activities that complement the flight.

We can make the flight that you need or adapt to your needs, contact us.

cesar maldonado volando en paramotor

School - Paramotor Courses

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The Indalo Paramotor School is recognized by the Royal Spanish Aeronautical Federation (RFAE) and by the Andalusian Federation of Air Sports (FEADA).

The Indalo Paramotor school was created after years of experience in high international competition with the purpose of transmitting all the knowledge and experiences acquired to future students who want to start in the exciting world of paramotor or paratrike flight.

Our location by the sea provides us with a soft and laminar breeze ideal for teaching and practicing our sport.

Our Paramotor Courses - Paratrike.

Paramotor Course

1100 € x Course

The duration of the Course is about 25/30 hours.

Divided in about 8/10 days. The Student will make 6 flights.

Paratrike Course

1300 € x Course

The course is the same as the Paramotor course with the only difference is that we did it with Paratrike.

Advanced Course

Consultar € x Curso

We carry out Advanced Courses - Improvement of both Paramotor and Paratrike. Perfect your Technique.

Professional Services of Filming and Aerial Photography

Aerial filming

Since 2015 we have incorporated drones for filming and aerial photography. We have the advanced pilot degree in RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) complying with the requirements stipulated by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) (BOE 07/31/2014).

Our extensive experience and professionalism in documentary and cinematographic filming endorse us as a guarantee and efficacy of our work.

Aerial Photography

In sports aerial photography we work mainly in high resolution digital format. Depending on the needs of each job, we will use the paramotor or the drone to get the most spectacular shot.

We offer low-level photographs to capture small details or high-altitude photographs to show the situation of the place or the beauty of the landscape.

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Advertising - Air Show

Due to the great impact and visual color that our aircraft offer, they are a great advertising claim. Ideal for any outdoor advertising campaign.

It enables direct contact with a significant number of the public. Aerial choreography, night air shows with pyromusical dazzle the public for their beauty, color and spectacularity.

CAdvertising campaigns around the world endorse our experience in this field.

Media - Photography + Video Galleries

fotografia galerias 1

Photo Gallery - 1

Photographs of Landscapes and Architecture x 2 and Documentary and Adventure x 2. Stunning photos of our Flights and Travel around the world.
fotografia galerias 2

Photo Gallery - 2

Galleries of Photographs of Aerial Filming, Aerial Photography, Advertising and Show, Tandem Flights. A good assortment of photos of our work, flights and different.
fotografia galerias videos

Videos Page

Here you will find all of our Videos from our Vimeo and YouTube channel.

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